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Freya Beer

Freya Beer is a gothic noir songstress I first became aware of a couple of years ago via Instagram.

Ruby lipped, raven haired and siren eyed- I was struck by her bold enchantress image that seemed to reciprocate interest in old Hollywood glamour, rock and roll and a perhaps even occult-esque aesthetic. Neatly sealed by the perfect a name to match, 'Freya' evoking Goddess imagery [with reference to one of the Norse deities].

Impressed and intrigued by her clean execution, I dove into her tracks. I found myself enraptured by her magical yet gritty sound, sensual, witchy voice and poetic lyricism. Visceral yet heavenly. This is an artist I have been waiting for on the London scene, I thought. I then had a bit of a flash back.

'She seems like she might like Nick Cave' I thought, 'In fact, I'm sure I stood beside her at the Nick Cave concert at the O2 Arena back in September 2017? I'll ask her!'

So into Freya's DMs I trod. Was it her?! Disappointingly, no. But it broke the ice and over the last few years we developed built a sweet rapport with mutual artist support (and to answer the important question, yes, she likes Nick Cave).

It is no surprise to me that Freya's music is accelerating at the speed it is. She started her own label 'Sisterhood Records' in 2019 before her debut single 'Dear Sweet Rosie', drawing the attention and praise of BBC 6 Music who later invited her for a live session met with raving reviews and positive critical reception. In 2021 came her debut album 'Beast' which the British Library loved so much, they asked permission to archive it in the heritage catalogue. She recently secured her own show 'Freya's Gothic Disco' on Islington Radio, and earlier this month released a new single., the risqué, 'Fantasy'. You can catch her on tour this spring / summer [including festival dates] with details at

I am super honoured that Freya, as a style icon as well as a musician, has agreed to this light hearted interview with Astral Apparel. Enjoy!