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Salutations! Welcome to the virtual hub for Astral Apparel Angel Armoury. 


My name is Nancy and I am its founder, designer and sole trader- as one of few UK suppliers for scalemaille fashion and otherworldly wares including crystals and precious gem stones. I'm currently creating from the maritime metropolis that is Greenwich, SE London. 

Through my creations, I look to offer a dressing experience as transcendental as can be. To elevate the wearer from mundanity by delight of adornment. 

My wares are timeless pieces; largely inspired by fantasy RPGs, the maritime history and internationalism of my home borough, my time in circus and dance, and of course my love of astronomy. Pirates, empresses, warriors, cyborgs, angels and aliens are all representations (to name a few) of my phantasmal collective muse. Whether you never 'grew out' of dressing up, consider yourself a bit of a magpie or simply love a bit of finery- I hope you enjoy my offerings and thank you for visiting.

Love, Nancy x