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Astral Apparel X Ecologi

Astral Apparel Forest... growing our woodland together 

Astral Apparel is proud to announce that as of Friday 11th November 2022, with every Astral Apparel purchase made, Ecologi will plant 1 tree on the purchaser's behalf. The Astral Apparel Forest has so far planted in Morocco, Kenya, Uganda, Madagascar, Argentina, Mozambique and Tanzania. You can track your seedlings here.

As a small, independent business striving towards sustainable adornment, Astral Apparel appreciates how the actions of your favourite businesses can change your shopping habits. Astral Apparel customers have standards, and so do we.

It is crucial that we make every effort to lessen our carbon footprint on the planet. One small but wonderful change Astral Apparel has made, has been partnering with the UK based company Ecologi. While individual actions are vital, collective efforts lead to a more sustainable world.


We Plant 1 Tree With Every Order

Love knowing that every time you purchase Astral Apparel treasures, you are not only supporting a small and independent business but helping to offset carbon emissions.  

Astral Apparel kick started its Ecologi mission with 25 trees to help forests all around the world to flourish, Take a look at how it's going  here. 

If you are interested in partnering with Ecologi- use this special link and Ecologi will plant 30 extra trees in the Astral Apparel Forest as a thank you!

Why Ecologi?

Planting trees is one of the best ways to tackle the climate emergency by preventing Earth's temperature from exceeding another 1.5C. Trees are crucial to preventing ecological collapse. We would not be without trees. Astral Apparel chose UK based company Ecologi because of their transparency. We can track where and when seedlings are planting, with the receipts to back it up. Ecologi's work takes place all around the world, so that as many people as possible can benefit locally as well as globally. It is also fun to see where your trees are being grown!

85% of money made by Ecologi also goes directly to funding planet saving projects, such as the Eden Forest Restoration Projects, WeForest, Protect Earth, Hommes Et Terre and more. You can vouch that the money passed onto Ecologi is going to be spent with integrity and transparency. Every organisation must cover running expenses and give a living to it's staff, though Ecologi do so not at the expense of the global environmental objective. 


Glamour: of  the Scottish gramarye  meaning "magic, enchantment, spell." 

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