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April Interview ~ 20 Questions with Alice Strange

Updated: May 4, 2022

Photograph by Rosie Hardy

Alice Strange (formerly Alice’s Night Circus) is an independent musician, vintage lover, cosplayer, and artist from the UK. I first met Alice at the National Space Centre in Leicester for a show we were both playing called ‘Steampunk’s In Space’. Not only struck by her immediate elegance and charming aesthetics, I was transported by her musical performance. I don’t know about you dear reader, but what I tend to look for in visual arts and music is to be whisked away to another world. True artists are able to do this and I consider Alice one of them. Alice Strange’s bold imagery is an enchanting potion blend of C.S. Lewis pastiches in H G Wells esque finishing. Welding the sleekness of a Belle Époque screen siren with pure folkloric glam reminiscent of classical Disney charm. She knows this other world and leads us into it by a carriage of cogs. The immersion down to the fine detail of her mic stand (who on Earth made that? they need an award), the soundscapes are immense and orchestrally brimming, and though Alice is the only being on stage she holds it all her own with a sublime and agile voice marking all the traits of a quintessential stage heroin- ravishing, elegant, strong and triumphant. Alice’s wit bleeds into her clever lyrics offering uplifting messages and an overall spectacle that appeals beyond the inner child nostalgia it may evoke. I wanted to share Alice’s world with you and I’m so glad she is giving the time to this interview. Thank you so much for doing this interview with Astral Apparel, Alice!


1. What’s your style story? If someone were to make a spell for your style, what would it read?

1). Consider mood for the day, as mood will dictate overall vibe and colour palette, this changes just as frequently as the weather and can be as bright and cheery as a full moon or as monotone as a starless night. 2). Use about a spoonful of wishful thinking and ambition to style hair. 3). If this goes awry and hair styling fails, don’t worry, you can just use a wig! 4). Check out your wardrobe and feel out what speaks to you that day by staring at the rail for five minutes and focusing intent on how you imagine you will look and feel later if you were wearing that piece.