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In my shop, Astral Apparel Angel Armoury, I wish only to collaborate with traders whose values align with my own, there is no compromise. This includes minimising environmental impact [see Environmental Sustainability] and ensuring humane working conditions for my partners across the globe. Transparency and integrity is paramount to my trading negotiations.

My component trading partners are predominantly local merchants investing in communities. Running a small business myself, I prefer to support fellow small traders. The exception to this rule is my dealing in Swarovski, one of the leading brands in 'ethical gemstones'. My trading partners participating in mining must ensure ethical practice, with every effort to minimise process impact on the environment. Instead of large scale mining for bulk stones and minerals, Astral Apparel Angel Armoury's crystals and other mineral specimens are obtained by hand [or in Swarovski's case, conjured in a laboratory].

When sourcing trading partners in regards to mining crystals, gemstones and minerals- consideration is given to the following criteria:

- Reasonable working conditions, including space, time and fair wages.

- Implementation of safety and preservation measures regarding mines.

- Hand cut stones.

- Abiding to local laws including licensing and pollution control.

I will only create alongside those with integrity, to conduct a business as moral as can be, for the sake of planetary and personal virtue.

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