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What is 1 Jewel 1 Fly?


You've heard of 1 like 1 prayer, this is 1 jewel 1 fly [more like 1-7 jewels 1 fly]. Astral Apparel Angel Armoury is essentially a campaign to deck purchasers in finery and spread beauty throughout the world [well more like my local/localish community] in order to fund my sky pirate adventures. 

Flying is an expensive aspiration and without a supplementary income, completing the license is beyond my proletarian means.  Extravagant endeavours call for extravagant effort, and there saw my transition to petit bourgeoisie.

I have always been a magpie, though only in 2020 began to incorporate the use of crystals and precious rocks into my work. Up until this point I was waging solely as a scalemaille artist and costumier, as a natural progression to making my own accoutrements for gigs [original music at].


One day I was sitting in the lobby of the Royal Geological Society whilst working for a RAS' Specialist Discussion Meeting event, I had an epiphany and was suddenly reminded how COOL rocks are.

All the time I had spent learning star formation and metallicity subliminally mounting, coating myself in rhinestones and glitter for my gigs and for whatever reason or not, this was the moment that it occurred to me, it was time to start jewelling myself.  

I filled my time with research, conducted experiments and joined a lapidary and mineral society all in aid of creating my own gemstone jewellery, as well as continuing to develop my scalemaille skills. 

With every purchase I move that bit closer to my dream of completing my long in transit private pilot license. Thank you to everyone who has purchase, liked, shared or visited Astral Apparel Angel Armoury.


Nancy x 

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